Heaven-sent Capital Management Group Co., Ltd.
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Founded in 2006, Heaven-Sent Capital Management Group Co., Ltd (‘HSC’, Security Code: 833044) has identified itself as a comprehensive capital management group specialized in professional services of mergers & acquisitions (‘M&A’), with a registered capital of RMB 4.4 billion. Making M&A its core business line, HSC has built a platform with dedicated teams of professionals equipped with sophisticated skill sets in identifying, obtaining, adding-value to and exiting from superior targets. Since inception, we have invested into various equity stages, providing diversified investment products based on clients’ various risk preferences.
HSC has established more than 10 branch offices across China and abroad, including Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Toronto and Johannesburg. HSC is widely recognized by the market for its sustained outstanding performance and solid investment style. HSC has been awarded as Best Venture Capital Institution, TOP 10 Private Equity Funds in China, Best M&A Fund for consecutive years by authorative institutions including Chinese Venture Capital Committee, Zero2IPO Group, China Venture, etc.
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